From Brain to Thought
A Theory of Knowledge and of Biological Autonomy
Jean-Claude Tabary

French version

Jean Claude TABARY Application of biological and neuropsychological data to epistemology, in the light of the theories of biological autonomy. By Jean-Claude Tabary, 1990-2005.

Jean-Claude Tabary is a medical doctor, specialized in neuropsychiatry, graduated in psychology. He was resident at the Harvard Medical School, professor with the Paris-West Faculty of Medicine (University Paris V), part-time lecturer to the INETOP and in U.E.R.des Sciences of Education. He ensured 20 years the medical direction of a C.M.P.P., and worked in Handicaped Institute (IMP) near handicapped children. He led neurophysiology and neuropsychology researches in INSERM [publications]. Its epistemological thoughts started from Piaget's discoveries, were updated according to recent neuropsychology assets. They suggest that Plato's realism is not a reasonable starting point for the definition of the thought.

First chapter only has been translated in English. The other chapters are available in French: html (use Google or Babelfish automatic translating tools to get it in English), and pdf (better printout).

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